Urgent help needed asap

just built a new pc. everything going fine untill i decided to have a look at the bios. now whenever i try to start up computer i keep getting a RAID screen scanning the hard drives then the compuer boots into the windows repair and diagnostics. let it repair windows and restore then when it restarts goes through the same process again. totally lost and been stuck on this for over 2 hours now.

dont know if its related but i was looking through the oc options and there was an option saved to oc to 4ghz chose that then i got the error saying oc failed and everythin been tits up since.

hope someone can help me asap

also im running an asus m4a88t-m and x4 955 be

as i say everything was running fine for couple of days till i was in he bios also i have a ps/2 keyboard and the pc doesnt recognise it on start up
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  1. Remove the CMOS battery for about a minute. This will reset the BIOS back to default, thus reverting any changes you may have inadvertently made.
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