Is this computer good enough to play the lastest games and upload video to youtu


Screen Resolution: 1280x1024
Processor Brand: Intel
Processor Type: Intel Core 2 Quad
Processor Speed: 3.40 GHz
Processor Count: 1
RAM Size: 4000 MB
Computer Memory Type: DDR SDRAM
Hard Drive
Hard Drive Size: 500 GB
Hard Drive Interface: Serial ATA
Graphics Card Description: Nvidia 1Gb GTX560 Dedicated Gaming Graphics Card
Graphics Card Ram Size: 1000 MB
Additional Specifications
Hardware Platform: PC
Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium
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  1. Yeah that is a good PC to support many games even newer games, setting them to Medium to low Graphics that is. You may be able to play them at the full resolution
  2. My Core 2 Duo (E8400) clocked at 4.0 Ghz and running a 560 Ti 448 core plays any game I have (Crysis included) at max settings. I'm sure this one will be fine with Max to Medium.
  3. you will be able to do it but fraps would eat considerably into your resources if you are using it.

    Should be fine.
  4. "Processor Type: Intel Core 2 Quad
    Processor Speed: 3.40 GHz "

    Core 2 Quad? Is this used?
  5. ElMoIsEviL said:
    "Processor Type: Intel Core 2 Quad
    Processor Speed: 3.40 GHz "

    Core 2 Quad? Is this used?

    good point there, core 2 quads are outdated by a long shot, although good enough for most games. If its a new system you should be looking at a core i5 CPU, unless your getting a particularly good deal on the core 2 quad. Core 2 quads are roughly equivalent to AMD's Phenom II x4 line.
  6. Must be overclocked. The only quad core Intel CPU at 3.4Ghz is the i7 2600(k). At 1280 x 1024 most games will be CPU bound.
  7. thanks for all the help im not really a CPU guy so if you know of any better suggestions i have £1000 to spend i will be using the computer to capture my xbox and upload to youtube livestreaming playing minecraft ETC...
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