Order of importance for system upgrade-running skyrim on high

Obviously quite a few people on the forums are looking forward to skyrim as there are a few of these threads floating around. I know most of my current gear could use a bit of an upgrade but I've been able to run most games til now pretty well (including witcher 2). Elder scroll games are always such a visual treat though that I really don't want to miss too much detail. If anyone could suggest which of my current setup is most in need of an upgrade or the order in which I should upgrade parts I'd be very greatful.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8400 2.66GHz
4GB Ram
GFX: GeForce 9800 GT
Mother board: Gigabyte S-series EP31-DS3L
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  1. I would say Graphics card is the one that needs improvement the most..
    Followed by processor.
  2. GPU, though it could probably handle Skyrim. What resolution?
  3. the processor actually isnt bad at all. core2 45nm are about on par with phenom2. 4gb of ram is fine.

    new dx11 video card and overclock that cpu to at least 3.2ghz (800mhz on the ram) and maybe a ssd?

    edit: typo
  4. Wow, I didn't expect to get so many responses this quickly, thanks guys.

    Resolution is 1920x1200
    I've got an SSD already so that's one less thing to buy

    General concensus is clearly that the graphics card needs to go. What do you think I should be looking at? Something like a GTX570?
  5. gtx 570 or amd 6950

    whatever your preference
  6. 570 is more in line with the 6970. the 560ti is more comparable to the 6950. The 560/560ti/570 all give great value for their prices.
  7. all you need is a new gpu, at your resolution the 560s are perfectly adequate. Skyrim is not the demanding of a game according to the system requirements. I beilive the recommend gpu is a gtx 260 or higher.
  8. Thank you everyone for your replies, you've been very helpful. I'll pick up a 570 at the next computer market.
  9. I highly recommend the 560ti instead of the 570.

    its based on newer tech, and much better value for money. only slightly behind in the vast majority of benchmarks, but much cheaper. It overclocks amazingly and in most cases can close the gap between it and the 570.

    one thing no one else seems to have mentioned though, what PSU do you have?

    No use getting a new GPU if the PSU can't handle it. though if you can run a 9800gt you should be fine with most current cards.
  10. I've got a 500W Antec PSU, do you think that will get the job done?

    I'll look into the 560ti, the choice will largely come down to which is available at the markets once I go. I've seen the 570's in stock but not the 560ti's.
  11. yep!

    though to be sure, what model? ill check the amperage on the 12v
  12. It's a BP500U
  13. ya looks good to go. should mention its pretty close. 50 watts under the suggested wattage even, but you'll be ok. you meet the 12v requirement. you need 38 and have 43 (max)

    "The +12 V output is produced by two MBR3060CT Schottky rectifiers connected in parallel, each one having a maximum current limit of 30 A (15 A per diode at 95º C, 0.78 V maximum voltage drop). This gives us a maximum theoretical current of 43 A or 514 W for the +12 V output."


    edit: however looking at the stats on newegg shows 30A, which isnt enough =x
  14. PSU only rated for 36A on the 12V line. 38A recommended.
  15. might want to consider a 6870 or a new psu
  16. Sounds like I'd be best off upgrading the PSU as well. I'd rather leave myself with some breathing room + have the potential to handle future upgrades. Thank you very much to everyone for your help today.
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