No post or bios after corsair hx750 upgrade hp elite pavilion

upgrading the factory PSU to go with new video card upgrade, computer will spin up and the atx power button turns it on and off but it won't post no matter what I do,putting the OEM one back in boots no problem, I have done a bunch of research but can't find these answers:

Does anyone know if the Hp Pavilion Elite e9180t motherboard has a limit as to PSU watts it will take? (I found a thread about another HP desktop computer that said the OEM MOBO would not accept or post with anything over a 600 (but I could only find that single mention of that for any HP desktops)

Does anyone know if the hx750's CPU power cable might have issues "starting" the OEM board's? Anyone else had issues upgrading the PSU in a Pavilion?

Tried all the steps in guides I found online, I have taken the thing apart, tried it one by one, with nothing plugged in and only 1 stick of ram I can't get any beeps or video, the fan on the PSU spins fine and sounds fine, I don't have another ATX computer I can try it on, I'm concerned that something in the HP OEM's MOBO or something is preventing the PSU from working with it? or possibly a bad hx750 even though the fan spins up?

Any help would be very much appreciated :-)
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  1. How to verify your Corsair PSU is working

    Corsair Video FAQ: How to test a Corsair power supply
  2. As stated the fan spins
  3. rsplatpc said:
    As stated the fan spins

    Use a multimeter and measure the voltage on each rail.

    Yes the HX750 can be defective.
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