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Soon I'm going to upgrade to a MSI 990FXA-GD80V2 board and FX-6300 Vishera. I presently have an older MSI 760GM-P35. The P35's "best" AMD CPU it supports is a 95 watt 6 core Phenom (NON Black Edition and obviously NO 125 watt). The 6 core Vishera is only a 95watt chip.

So, the question is do you think the P35 board would post and run with a 95 watt 6 core Vishera? I'm guessing some BIOS options would be missing. Reason I'm asking is I'll probably buy the chip before the mobo, and if it's just sitting around and could possibly work for a week or two, I might be tempted. Thoughts?
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  1. No, they stopped updating the BIOS after the Phenoms. I know a 125 watt FX (or any 125 watt chip) won't work with this board. I'm just wondering if it'll post and run the lesser 95 watt chip as that's the same wattage as the lesser 6 core Phenom this board supports. I read somewhere on another MSI board where it worked for the guy, but it was little buggy during POST until he updated his BIOS. I think they discontinued this board and aren't planning on updating anything more.
  2. alexoiu said:

    I called MSI support the other day but was asking if they were going to release a BIOS update to run the 8 core FX. The guy said the 125 watt chip would eventually destroy something in the board (sorry, I'm not THAT tech savvy about boards to remember what he said it'd burn out running the 125 watt chips) But I hadn't realized the 6300 was 95 watt while on the phone. I did get the impression it's POSSIBLE to post with the 8 core, but it wouldn't last. If I can squeeze a little more life out of this board before shelving it, why not?
  3. 'cause if the bios don't get updated, it will not know how to work with the new processor.
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