Gaz77x-ud3h doesnt turn on

I just recently got all my parts together and built my pc but i cant get it to turn on for whatever reason
My mobo has the power button light on but no other lights, i tried switching up the RAM slots, reseating the cpu, taking off the video card and sound card. Im trying the mobo on cardboard in a little bit but other than that does anyone have any idea why its not booting?

intel i5 3570
corsair carbide 400r case
evga geforce 660 FTW
WD 1tb harddrive
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  1. Is the CPU fan spinning when powering up? What power supply do you use?
  2. no fans power on at all im using a corsair tx750, i did the paperclip test to make sure the psu was fine and it was
  3. Then if the 24 and the 8-pin power connectors are properly inserted, remove the wires corresponding to the case power and reset switches and start the board by shortly connecting together (use a screwdriver) the 2 motherboard pins where the power switch wires go - it's what the case power switch does when pressed.
  4. tried it on cardboard box, it didnt turn on i moved the side of it by accident it powered on and continued to turn on and off while all the fans began to spin
  5. Make sure you've connected the 8-pin ATX cable and not the 6+2 PCIe cable.
  6. yeah i triple checked every wire> I'm going to try what you said but first i gotta get the computer to boot up all together because even with the power switch i press on the motherboard it doesnt turn on
  7. Then it might be a power connector issue. Do you have another power supply?
  8. as of right now no i dont but that will be my next step
  9. when i take the motherboard out of the case and press the power button it turns on and powers .Though i have to hold the 24pin connector in at a certain angle so that the power stays on. So does that equal a problem with the case grounding itself or a problem with the psu?
  10. I'd say that it's a problem with the connector or the cable. Either the motherboard or the power supply.
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