FM2A55M-DGS won't turn on

so i was adding elevation screws(not sure if that is the right name) to my mobo as the pressure is not good for it without them. When i reconnected everything correctly, it didn't turn on, however the blue bar at the bottom of my case flashed and the power LED was on but nothing was moving. Any thoughts as to what the problem is??? Really can't buy a new mobo, will buy a new psu if necessary :(
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  1. Do they match exactly the motherboard's screw holes (an extra one could cause a shorting)?
  2. and my psu was a cheap one Evo Labs EVO-400W-8CM ATX V12. Do you think it could be a problem with that?
  3. Has it worked before mounting the standoffs?
  4. yes, it was working perfectly. I also made sure i used an antistatic wristband
  5. Then try installing it outside the case, see if it does work and check again the standoffs positions.
  6. yes i was just reading this so i will try with all of the standoffs, then with none of them. Thanks for the help so far, greatly appreciated :)
  7. ok solved, installed all the standoffs!!! thanks a lot alexoiu :D
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