SSD as boot drive, partioned 40 as disk cache?

I am building a new PC Z68 based... I have a 300gb SSD on the way with a 2TB HD.

I will install my OS on the 300GB SSD, but I was wondering if it was worthwhile to give 40GB of the SSD to use as a cache partition for the HD to improve its base performance?

What do you think?
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  1. Pretty sure that it will not benefit you with a 300GB SSD. Just load your games/applications on to the SSD, along with your OS install.

    Caching is meant to give ssd-like performance to an HDD. You are installing your OS and main applications on your SSD so you will literally have SSD performance.

    If you had say a 16GB SSD this might be a useful option.
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    No, just use the SSD as a OS +Program + most used data.
    The SSD works best with Bios set to AHCI, which allows trim to be passed.
    With SRT I think you need to set bios to Raid. Trim can still be passed with the bios set to Raid and the SSD is NOT a member drive of a raid configuration. When used as part of SRT I don't think trim is passed. This would affect the whole drive not just the 40 Gig SRT partition. Be aware that if you have a gigabyte z68 MB there have been some reported issues although I think then have been resolved.
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