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Hello, I have an issue that I can't seem to resolve. About a year ago I built my PC with a M4A89GTD pro series Mobo, and a Radeon HD 5770 card. I put 4 gigs of 1600 Kingston ram in. When I play certain games (anything other that WoW) my sound goes all crazy, kind of sounds like an Angry Fax machine tone, and the graphics get choppy. If I stop moving my mouse, it will go back to normal, but the second I move my mouse or touch my keyboard it goes crazy again. If I close out of the game, the problem continues until I shut down (forcefully) the computer. I have since replaced the RAM, and added a new soundcard (I turned the onboard one off in the Bios) I switched the Radeon card to the second PCIE slot and not the problem is worse. Any ideas?
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  1. One thing you could try is to go to Control Panel/Sound/Playback tab and disable any other sound devices devices that are on. Like the AMD card's sound output (if it has one). Although, moving the mouse/keyboard almost sounds like they are causing interference. Are both USB? Is your computer plugged into a grounded outlet?

    Btw, run CCleaner first to be sure your system is clean of crap that could be causing issues. Run Clean and Registry both. Then go to Windows Configuration and uncheck all that you don't need to start up at boot up time. Use to see what you can uncheck.
  2. Thanks for the reply:

    I flashed the Bios, and ran the Ccleaner you recommended. The mouse and keyboard are USB, but I have tried running the computer without a mouse and with an old ps2 (if that's the right term) mouse and that doesn't seem to make a difference. I have disabled all of the other sound playback options, but it doesn't seem to be the link. I am starting to wonder if the issue is not in the mobo or the vid card...... maybe bad mem on the card?
  3. I am having the same problem with a computer I recently built, using i5 2500K, GTX 460, Asus mobo, etc. Sometimes when playing a video on hulu, or playing WoW, when I move my mouse the video gets choppy for about a second and I get the angry fax machine sound too. It is starting to happen more and more often. It seems to definitely be triggered by moving my mouse (and possibly although I haven't noticed it, when pressing a key on my keyboard). I am using a wireless Logitech mouse and keyboard combination in general, but I also have a steelseries WoW mouse connected at all times that I use when I play wow. Both mice(?) seem to trigger the effect. Have you found a solution yet? anybody else have any ideas?
  4. Do both of you have your systems plugged into a well-grounded electrical outlet.
  5. If I were having these problems, I might seriously consider reinstalling Windows as the first step.
  6. Try to go to Run> dxdiag> sound see if it is set to full hardware acceleration and run test sound.
  7. I noticed something interesting... when I have one program with video, and a different program as the source of audio the audio doesnt seem to go bananas, and I think the video still something does get choppy.
  8. I ran the dxdiag, and it seem to detect no problem... but I didn't see a specific sound test to run, nor where to set full hardware acceleration. And, I think My connection was well grounded, but just in case I plugged my computer in another outlet. I'll post an update after I play a bit to see if the problem persists. thx.
  9. So, since I plugged my CPU into a different outlet, the problem has ceased. It seems that it was a bad ground. Thx.
  10. alephbeta said:
    So, since I plugged my CPU into a different outlet, the problem has ceased. It seems that it was a bad ground. Thx.

    And, it could also have been some other device that was on that outlet's circuit causing the interference. But glad to hear it's resolved.
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