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Pungent burning smell coming from computer

Hello everyone,

I have an HP Elite computer with a Phenom II 1045T processor. When I turned it on the other day I heard a popping noise and i got a pungent burning smell. Now the computer won't turn on or do anything. I'm afraid I might have fried the CPU. Do you think I fried the CPU or do you think it is something else?
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    My guess is it's the PSU. Pre-built computers companies tend to cheap out on the PSU more than anything else. But before we do anything else the first thing to do is unplug everything. You don't want to get electrocuted or start a fire if something is burning. Next take a look at the motherboard. Look for any burn marks or bulging capacitors. If all that looks ok I would replace the PSU with a known working one and see what happens. Like I said I really think it's the PSU not the motherboard.
  2. +1, have personally witnessed PSUs blowing on dells that were barely 2 months old, as well where i worked, the major cause of returning PCs was bad PSU
  3. Ok so I went out to Staples and bought a cheap 40 dollar Antec PSU just to test and everything is working fine so Iguess it definitly was the PSU. Who makes the best/ most reliable power supplies?
  4. I would say Sesonic and Corsair makes the best PSU's. All the one's I have owned have never had any problems.
  5. ^+1, many swear by antec, seasonic and especially corsair
  6. Ok I guess Monday I'll order a 350-400 Watt Seasonic or Corsair PSU from New Egg. Thanks for the help.
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  8. You won't need to buy another PSU. Antec is a great brand, most Antec's are made by SeaSonic lol. Buying a SeaSonic when you have an Antec would be a waste of money now.
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