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I have a SB Live 1024 and when I install the drivers and Liveware I can't use the surround mixer. When booting into windows I get the following error, "connot find devcon32.dll- make sure it is in the proper file" I can use everything else in AudioHQ and the speakers work great. I've tried using all available PCI slots including slot3. Here's the config-
tbird 700@945 (105*9@1.85v- rock stable)
Asus a7v w/ 1005a bios and 4.28 4in1
256mb (2*128) crucial cas2 (2-2-2)
Asus AGP-7700 deluxe 32mb
SB Live 1024
Cretive 52x cdrom
wd 20gig ata66
Win2000 Pro

Any help would be much appreciated, thanx.
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  1. There is another post about this same problem (file) right here on this forum (sound cards). Sounds like a common problem.

    Try calling Creative.

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  2. Ive often dealt with creative on the phone and the are usually pretty good. One of the tricks they have taught me to is to remove the card and place it in another PCI Slot. When windows reboots it will prompt you to install a driver (hopefully) cancel this. enter the device manager and delete any SB Live Relate stuff. The sb16 driver, the game port driver etc etc. Then click refresh. It will detect the card again, and once again cancel this wizard. Open the properties for the SB Live Series listing. Click update driver, insert the drivers disc for the card. You will want to specify the location of the driver when asked and point it the the correct INF on the CD. That should work. Another point. Almost religously creative has had me enter the bios and make the "PNP OS INSTALLED" have a value of "NO" This makes the bios set the IRQs and other memory resources not windows making for a much more reliable setup.
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