How to remove metal brackets on back of case?

I do not know how to remove this metal bracket in the back of my computer case. I plan on buying a new video card and better video cards take up 2 slots for air flow it seems so i'm trying to find out how to remove the metal bracket. Will the video card overheat if i do not open this? can i even put it in? i plan on buying an evga gtx 550 ti, i dont know if theyre known for overheating or anything.

Sorry its kind of a bad picture.

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  1. For most dual slot cards you really do want to open up the slot for optimum cooling.

    You'll 'break' the metal tabs/connections holding the bracket cover in place. Rock or twist with a screwdriver it till it gives way - it's designed to break away.
  2. Okay! Thank you very much!
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