9800gt vs hd6750

My Pc Specs:
CPU:Intel Corei5 2400 3.1Ghz
Mobo:Intel DH61WW
PSU:Corsair GS600
Display:iball 18.5 inch

So,I want to know which gpu will be enough for me i.e 9800gt or hd6750?
Also my monitor resolution is 1360*768,will this bottleneck gpu?

Any suggestion will be appreciated
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  1. 6750 is faster. For many games, a 6750 is overkill for that resolution, but if you want to play Crysis in DX11 it's about right ^_^
  2. i m a big fan of racing games like need for speed,dirt etc.Also i currently own a 9500gt
    which i dont think enough for these games.
    Is there any other card within this range(100$-150$)?
    HD5750 is out of stock m going to buy HD6750.
    Anyways thanks everyone for quick reply.
  3. Quote:

    6750 and 5750 are the same GPU, get the cheaper between the 2

    if u're buying a new card, the 5750 would be quite a lot faster than the 9800GT.
    if u already have a 9800GT, I would personally recommend getting a 6850 or keep the 9800GT until Radeon 7ks come out

    I think 6850 will be out of my range
  4. Go with a 6770 or 5770. They are only a little more than the 6750/5750. The only difference between the 6770 and the 5770 is that the newer card has an updated HDMI standard and that's about it :p
  5. megamanx00 said:
    Go with a 6770 or 5770. They are only a little more than the 6750/5750. The only difference between the 6770 and the 5770 is that the newer card has an updated HDMI standard and that's about it :p

    HD6770 was also my 1st choice but unfortunately this one too is out of stock.
    The next choice comes to me after 6750 is HD6790 & 550GTX which cost me about 185$ & i heard a 550GTX is
    overpriced.So the option left is 6750 & you guys as suggested this one is more than enough for me.
  6. Those reference link i used above is just for estimating purpose,i prefer local retailer.
    For ex:- i got my corsair gs600 for 4200rs & that site i was ref'ring mention its price as 4175rs excluding shipping.
    Thats how i get an idea of what's in my budget.
    As we all know 5770 is still a good card and as greghome refers it cost me about (7005+shipping)rs with 2yrs
    what if i get a hd6770 around rs7500 with 3yrs warranty
    Also i heard rumor that a 6770 handles dx11 better than a 5770,please correct me if i m wrong.
    Again on a site "game-debate" i saw rating of these two cards as
    HD 5770=7/10


    HD 6770=10/10


    on 1280*1024 resolution with 2gb ram.
    according to this even a 6750 rating is better than 5770.

    i m saying again please correct me if i m wrong, since i m confused b/w a 5770 & 6770 or 5750 & 6750 from a long time.

    One more question
    Can these cards handle games like assassins creed brotherhood,call of duty,mass effect,crysis 2 etc at max setting with my resolution?
  7. Since 5770 is overkill,So upgrading ram from 2gb to 4gb + 1 5750/6750 will make me handle any game on max setting with my resolution, right.
  8. I have a win7 ultimate 32bit
    will this handle 4gb ram & a 1gb graphic card?
    i need a 64 bit os?
  9. 4GB ram +1GB GPU=5GB total memory
    & 32 bit handles 4gb,wll this be fine?
  10. OK,I think going with 4GB of ram with HD 5770/6750 will be good for me(HD 5770 is preffered) is enough.
    I will be purchasing it on monday.
    Once again thanks for ur kind attention
  11. What is "dirt 3 coupon" included in Sapphire HD67.. series AMD cards?
    Is it dirt3 pc fullgame :pt1cable:
  12. if i m not wrong a dirt3 would be 6gb+
    how am i suppose to dwnld a file of that size?
    an dirt3 frm ebay would be much cheaper.
  13. Now that sounds a much easier way
  14. Anyway what's steam?
    What type of game fles do i need to copy into steam?
  15. Yesterday i went market i askd about 5770 they replied "NO"
    but i was surprised to know that they also don't have HD6770.
    I found there
    240GT,440GT,9800GT,9500GT,8600GS,550GTX Ti,460 GTX

    Radon HD6670,HD5570,HD6750,HD6790,HD6850,HD5450,HD6950

    Since 5770/6770 are not there then HD6750 remains my only choice

    Is there any other suggestion regarding my resolution and cpu?
  16. Those graphics cards are ***, if you want to game, then atleast you should have a HD 5770 or if you can stretch your budget get gtx 460
  17. I own a monitor(18.5inch) with 1360*768 as its native resolution
    Won't this bottleneck GTX 460?
  18. Thanx
    I will getting that tomorrow
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  20. I bought hd6750 & its workin like a devil :bounce:
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