C2D to 2500k or 2600k BF3 under 800

Hey guys,

I have been slowly upgrading my build:
E8400 3.0
Asus P5N-D
4gb Corsair
Now a 850psu Corsair
Now a 570 evga
Now a 24" Asus monitor
Now a Corsair 500r
1tb seagate HD 3yrs running

Next up is the cpu, mobo, mem, HD/SSD, and OS. I have 700 dollars. I live close to a micro center and have been looking into the MSI Z68 GD65 + 2600k combo.

msi gd65 - 2600k - h100 corsair - 1tb seagate sata 3.0 - 8gb corsair ddr3 1600 - win 7 hp 64bit

I have been an avid Asus user and was waiting for the p8z68-pro gen 3 to drop and it just recently did. I have been a Asus/corsair user since my first build. The wait was mainly due to the pci 3.0 as I tend to keep my mobo for 3 years. I'm getting close to purchasing my build but am having trouble deciding 2500k p8z68-pro gen 3 or the msi board with the i7 2600k from micro center. I would like to see the performance of an SSD but I'm not If i can afford one as I don't have much confidence in my current HD and would like to swap it out as well. It is almost full so 1tb would be ideal again. Is water cooling a good idea i plan on a moderate oc want to get above 4.0. Thoughts on a possible SSD is it worth it?The reviews scare me with the unreliability. Anyone wanna give it a shot and maybe give some discussion as to why you chose them over another.
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  1. 2500k's run cool and even OC really well on the stock cooler . Water is a waste of money IMO . A hyper 212 or Xigmatek 1283 cooler is plenty .
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I was thinking about saving some greenbacks through the water cooler. Now SSD seems more of a reality for my final upgrade. I appreciate the advice as my build's rely heavily on home builder's reviews thanks to the Egg. I might add I'm upgrading to play BF3. My current setup shows 100% cpu usage with low settings. I waited for bulldozer as well but from the benchmarks I have seen it doesn't seem to compare to my current thoughts.
  3. According to Tom's very one tests, BF3 is VERY gpu bound. Any reasonably modern dual core should run the game no problem. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/battlefield-3-graphics-performance,3063-13.html
    Your gpu must be holding you back. If your going to do all that upgrading just for BF3 it's probably overkill, but if your dead set on a platform upgrade for overall performance, like the previous poster said stick to the 2500k and water cooling is very much overkill.
  4. Really? I use evga precision to view gpu performance and task manager to view cpu performance. I notice no issues with my 570 but my e8400 is showing 100%usage during gameplay.
  5. :bounce: Well I made a decision and am going with the 2500k but what mobo @ MC for a combo? ASrock z68 extreme 4 vs msi gd65 vs asus p8z68 pro? I'm leaning more towards the Asus as I have never used anything else but them. Need some opinions on pci 3.0 and what benefits i will see in the future if any. The only reason i havn't bought the Asus is I was waiting for the gen3 versions of asus p8's to drop. Hasn't happened yet and I'm getting anxious. Also was thinking about a M4 128gb any problems with that selection? I was thinking about the Corsair Force series but from what I have read they have had many problems.
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