Geforce GTX 560 vs 560 Ti

I am building a computer and was wondering if you thought it worth spending an extra $50 for the GTX 560 Ti vs the GTX 560. Are the performance increases really worth it or would the 560 be okay. Getting the 560 Ti will push my budget a bit and that is why I am asking.
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    The gtx 560 ti is definitely the better card (but thats to be expected)
    the difference is the ti has 384 cores and the regular has 336

    I dont know how set you are on a nvidia but if your not i would recommend the radeon HD 6950. pretty much competes head on with the 560ti and exceeds it in some areas. also theres a 2gb version for around the same price as the 1gb ti. Just seems like a more bang for your buck deal

    but to answer your question. If your willing to spend the extra money and you want a nvidia. Go with the GTX 560 Ti
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