Intel boards/GPU question?

Hi, I'm an Intel Chemist and I've only recently started to get back into gaming, I realized that my computer is heavily stinting the graphics, so I'm taking 1500 from my next paycheck to pay for a tower(no monitor/OS, etc)

I found what I think is a great deal on Intel EPP(Employee purchase program), it's an i7 3930k, DX79SI Mainboard, and 180GB Cherryville all for 600 dollars total. I think the CPU and SSD are good, but the mobo worries me, it's 3 stars on Newegg and appears to have a glitched BIOS, is this board ok, or should i buy the other two seperately and spend the extra cash on a Maximus V Extreme board? How good is the intel board overall, in terms of BIOS, OC capability, etc...

Also, as a side question, do you reccomend 2x 7970 Sapphire 6GB Toxic edition or a single Powercolor Devil 13, thanks(if the Devil 13 I'll wait for the next paycheck/bonus).

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  1. Hold the Press!

    You only need an I5-3570K for gaming, $220
    OCZ AGT4 256GB $139
    ASUS P8Z77-V LK $125 top rating

    So for $484 you have a gaming comp backbone with more SSD memory!

    You do not need a full 6GB graphics card. As of now, only three monitor displays can make use of 3GB so 6GB is way overkill. By the time it is needed, your graphics processors won't be fast enough to use it and the games will bring them to their knees by then anyways.

    For best bang for your buck, 7950 and overclock, equivalent to a 7970.
    Next level is a 7970 overclocked, equivalent to a 7970 GHz

    With crossfired 7950 or greater, you can crush any game for the next year to two if a 1920X1200 display
  2. I would get the 7970s. You'll max out everything with two of those. I frequent the Graphics Card section, so I do know a bit about that. The motherboard i'm not so sure about. also, I can't seem to find a toxic edition 7970 still in stock anywhere, seems like they have been discontinued. Regardless, the 7970 is still a great card. You'll enjoy that setup.
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