Where to buy new CMOS chip?

Hello everyone, I just upgraded my CPU, RAM, power supply, SSD, and case. When I go to start the computer all I get is spinning fans and one motherboard light. After hours of troubleshooting I finally try to start the computer with the CMOS battery removed and it fires right up. I replaced the battery with a new one and it still didn't work.

So I'm wondering what do you guys think does it sound like the CMOS chip and if it does, where should I buy one. Because after looking around a lot the websites that sell them seem kind of fishy.

My Specs are:
MB: Asus AM2+ m3a78-em
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965be
RAM: G.Skill DDR2 1066 8gb 4x 2gb sticks
PSU: Rosewill 630w
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  1. I think I'm acually just going to buy a new motherboard.
  2. Double check to make sure you have all the little pins from your case connected correctly and all the power cables from the psu connected correctly to your board and graphics card as well as the ssd/hdd.
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