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580 overkill?

I have 2500k oc'd to 4.5 ghz, 8gigs 1600 monitor at max 1680x1040 ...using a gtx 275 oc'd card..
am thinking about the gtx 580 or possibly waiting for the 690 when it comes out... are these cards wasted at my res?
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  1. Many would dream of having a card like that and you say it's overkill?!
    In computing, nothing is ever overkill, you will want more, more, MORE!

    For the GTX 580, you can play games at your resolution with no problems, but it's also ready when you get a larger screen like 1920x1080. Think of what you're planning to use ahead, not what you have currently.
  2. Performance wise the gtx 580 is a monster and very few other cards/solutions can beat it. However like the gtx 570 they are known to have issues well like other Fermi cards a lot of them. Mainly power and cooling related, more so than past generations.
    If it is what you want and the psu is good then go for it. As for 28nm I would kick the can down the road with a 275 and wait but there is likely going to be short supply for a while once the GTX6xx gen comes out.
  3. i have a corsair 620w modular ps --- pretty sure it can handle the 580 ...but what about the 1680 x1040 res -- would the 580 be waisted at that res? would the 275 perform as well -- i get high fps with the 275 so going from 90fps to 160fps for instance, dont think i'd notice that --- would the eye candy be that much differrent with a 580? -- i think the power requirements for the 600 series will be lower also- probablly less heat --- i like the idea of hanging with the 275 but not sure if i'm missing out in the meantime
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    At that res the GTX580 will last you a while.But their isn't really a need if your already getting 60fps+.The only main difference for eye candy would be DX11.If your happy with the performance your getting now then maybe you should just wait.
  5. Points:
    1) It is actually overkill for many games at that resolution. It's considered "overkill" if a lower-end card like the GTX560Ti or GTX570 can play your games at maximum quality for that resolution already so that the GTX580 is not needed.

    2) Either way, I'd definitely WAIT for the new AMD (Q4 2011) or NVidia (Q2 2012?) cards.

    3) BTW, overclocking your present CPU will do absolutely nothing for improving a video game when used with the 275. I'd be surprised if you used 20% of your CPU when it's in a non-overclocked state.

    Personally, I overclock using the Gigabyte software tool only when I recode video then I set it back to default settings.

    I even ran a lot of game benchmarks (not generic ones) including Crysis and could confirm no difference in performance between my i7-860 at 2.75GHz and 3.8GHz when used with a single HD5870.
  6. a 1920x1080 monitor is pretty cheap now. why not get a 1080p monitor and a gtx570?
  7. Yah 1080p monitors are really cheap now.Here's one for $130.

    I also found one for $100 but it didn't have DVI.
  8. so what i understand that other than any dx11 advantage the only bump i get going from 275 to 580 is fps --- if thats the case i'm holding off for a 600 series card....the monitor issue is a sticky subj since it was a gift from wife and son 2yrs ago and works fine --
  9. That's probably going to be best then.Goodluck.
  10. thanks for the replies all
  11. screw the monitor id trash it if it did less than 1920x1080
  12. actually ebay, sell the sucker
  13. yeah...i'm thinking about it ...
  14. honestly you dont notice the difference much betwen 1680x1050 and 1920 x1080, i was just thinking the physical size of your monitor may be small, and you will enjoy your gaming more with a bigger monitor.
  15. its a 22' lg widescreen -- 2ms response time
  16. 22" is your current monitor or the one your looking for?
  17. 22" widescreen 2ms response LG flattron is what i have @ 1680x1050
  18. Well at that resolution you should be fine with a GTX570.But if you wanted to ensure that you can max out every game,future and present,with max eye candy then you may want a GTX580.
  19. that resolution of mine is ok for a 570-580 and the power wont be wasted ??? i'm looping in this thread ..... will the 275 give same detail as 570-80 but that the newer cards would be higher fps???? i'm getting good fps now
  20. O yah forgot.Thought we went over this think we agreed on that since your getting good fps with your current setup that you should wait until the new GPU's come out.
  21. yep ...i'm gonna wait for the 600's ---- if the 600 specs turn out to be radically new i'll go that way ...else the 580 prices should drop then and i'll snatch up one of those.....
  22. Yah that's a gurantee.
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