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Will my power supply be sufficient for this build?

My setup includes :
Asus F1A75-V Pro
8gb Mushkin ddr3
250gb WD Hard Drive
AMD A8-3850 Quadcore CPU
Sentey BX2-4291 case
Dell 350w PS (ripped off an old dimension 8400)

I'm only putting this together until I have enough money for a better PSU and Graphics Card. The PSU is older, so it only has the 4pin CPU power connector, which I'm told I can easily get an adaptor for. My biggest concern is whether the 350w power supply will be suitable to power my quad core cpu. I figured it should be fine since I have no external video card.
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  1. Yes you'll be fine.
  2. I beat on old Dell power supplies all the time, voltages are almost always at the lower end of the spec and efficiency blows. With the lite load that your specs will put on it the efficiency would be even worse.
    Why would you want to risk recycling one that old for use on new components ?
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    Warning! I'd avoid it if it's an older Dell PSU. The 24 pin motherboard power connectors on older Dell PSUs were wired differently than standard ATX connectors.
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  5. Thanks guys. Luckily I ended up not using the Dell PSU, and just ordered an OCZ 750w PSU Fully-Modular. Now I just need to order my Video Card and my setup will be complete!


    I'm almost positive a Radeon video card is compatible with my build, however I still see nVidia stuff build on AMD setups, which confuses me lol.

    My setup is already listed in my first post, with the addition of my 750w OCZ power supply. Radeon is compatible correct?
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