Asus p8z77-v powers on 5 secs, shuts down & repeats endlessly

Asus p8z77-v premium
powered by corsair ax1200i
intel i7 3770k, 3.5ghz 32gb ram.

mobo powers up for 5 seconds - the shuts down for 5 seconds then powers up for 5 seconds and repeats endlessly and wont stop until I turn the psu off

help :o
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  1. First check your reset switch on the case to make sure it is working prpoerly. Then recheck all connectors on motherboard and power supply, after that reseat memory modules, then try to power it up.
  2. thanks - done and it's still cycling.

    I pulled it out of the case, removed every connection- still same problem.

    see linked video.

    this mobo is probably jacked - right?
  3. Watched the video, remove fan and heatsink and then CPU, check very! closely your cpu socket for bent pins using a bright light and a magnifying glass, if not reinstall CPU assembly and try again. Also it woud not hurt to reset CMOS with the power cable disconnected.
  4. rsever said:

    this mobo is probably jacked - right?

    Possibly, but we must try several things before that:
    1. Check whether your heatsink is seated properly and the processor is not overheating. Try re-seating the processor and check if you have any bent pins.
    2. Boot without the ram and see if you get a continuous beep for ram error
    3. Populate the third slot from the cpu with a single ram stick and see if it boots

  5. if power switch +- is reversly connected this problem some times raise .so check power switch cable. remove cmos battery and try.
  6. I seriously appreciate your help guys. however, nothing is working.

    removed board battery for 10 mins
    pulled thermal, CPU
    checked with Mag for bent pins - didn't see any (pic linked)
    reseated both CPU and fan
    tried with no ram
    then a single stick in the 3rd slot from CPU as suggested

    same problem

    got the board from newegg - i guess an RMA is in order heh?
  7. Only thing that keeps me from suggesting RMA is that we may overlook the problem and it may reappear with the new board. Have you tried a different PSU?
  8. give power with 1000w or above psu
  9. thanks guys.

    i'm using the corsair ax1200i psu - (1200w)

    the cable is all black - no green wires - but it has a self test button on the back.

    the power supply passes the "self test" described in the manual

    I was going to go pick up a budget PSU tomorrow just to try to rule out the ax1200i
  10. hi...any luck?...update us please
    This is one of the more frustrating problem that people have and it would be really good to understand it and find a solution.

  11. Best answer
    dumbest mistake evar. the CPU power cable wasn't attached. as soon as it was, the board performed beautifully. doh!
  12. rsever said:
    dumbest mistake evar. the CPU power cable wasn't attached. as soon as it was, the board performed beautifully. doh!

    Bagh! These things happen all the time, just like not having a ram stick full inserted correctly.

    Good job figuring it out though.

  13. Way to go !!!!

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