Can we change faulty parts of motherboard ?


Last week my charging port of my ASUS motherboard in my laptop got damaged and is not working properly, so person from service center came and told that he will have to change the whole motherboard ( free as it's under warranty ).

Now 3 days later they call and tell's me that that " They Don't have any new motherboard so you send your laptop to service center and they will put a new charging port module in motherboard ".

So i had a doubt because, i doubt you can directly desolder the components of motherboard and put new ones by soldering.

So just wanted to ask whether it is possible to do that ? and if yes, can they solder it with the quality that machines does during production because they will have to manually solder and desolder components and place new ones.

I think ASUS people are cheating on me, so thought to ask.

Generally when their is problem in motherboard parts the whole motherboard get's replaced with refurbished / new one.
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  1. For components like power jacks it can be done. If you search on Youtube, lot of videos for how to DIY. So a service center can do it easily. You don't have to worry.
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