Defected mobo? Pls help

Hello. I've been using AsRock z77 pro motherboard for a a few months now (about 4) and two days ago my pc suddenly froze while watching a youtube video and there was a strange "buzzing" sound coming from the speakers. The buzzing sound didnt stop till i had to restart.

After I restarted I noticed that the on my desktop clock was not in sync anymore. I figured the cmos battery needed change so i changed it. Afterwards, I resync'd my desktop clock's time via windows internet setting , but after a while it desyncs again. By the looks of it, the clock slowly falls behind so I have to keep resyncing it. I also checked the bios clock and it looks stuck ie. not moving at all.

Is it possible that the motherboard is defected/hardware malfunction? Other than the malfunctioning clock, everything seems fine. I played through battlefield 3 and skyrim for about 3 hours w/o any issues.

Can I continue to use this mobo ? I'd rather not spend $80-100 for a new mobo just to fix the clock. I don't mind having a broken clock since I rarely look at it anyways.

I also turned off my gpu's OC and turned down OC on my cpu. any response would be appreciated thank you.

i5 2500k @ 4.2 ghz
gigabyte 660 ti oc edition
16gb ddr3-1333
win 8
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  1. RMA the board to Asrock. What PSU are you using?
  2. i would first pull power from the wall and use the clear the cmos. if the error still there i would rma the mb.
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