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AMD E-350 vs Intel Celeron G530

Hey all, trying to decide on a Mini-ITX build for HTPC and medium processing needs (Matlab), and I'm trying to decide between...


What would be better for 1080p, and like I said, Matlab. Maybe even some light gaming from here to there!

Thanks guys :)
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  1. Celeron. Unfortuenatly anandtech's website is being upgraded so I can't show you benchmarks.
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    the E350 will be a slower cpu and niether will do much for gaming. the E350 does have a better gpu inside so older games will run on reduced settings.

    Either one should be ok for htpc and Im not sure how much you'd want to wait for matlab but I think the g530 will be 2x as fast as the E350 as far as cpu goes.
  3. Neither, go for something with a Llano APU inside. Intel HD graphics will not be able to playback 1080P movies, it will stutter and drop frames, this would mean you'd need a discrete graphics card which kinda defeats the whole purpose of your build.

    This is one of those cases where you take the GPU over the CPU option.
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