Acer Aspire 6930

What, if any, grahics cards can be used to replace the one already installed in this laptop? I have major problems with this one that came with it and it's out of warranty, i want to replace.
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  1. Hi,

    I just did a simple google search on your laptop and it brought up very specific specs about your laptop, using this information I'm sure you can find out if this is a laptop that's upgradable as far as graphics:

    I'll post back if I learn anything else.

    *Edit: Does your laptop have an actual card in it? Or, is it a built in graphics card? If it has an NVIDIA card or anything of the sort, then it is upgradable. If it has the Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset, then I do not believe it is upgradable.

    Hope this helps.
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