Asus maximus IV gene-z in Haf922

i am planning to buy a Asus maximus IV gene-z mobo i was wondering if it can fit in Cooler master haf 922 case. accourding to the CM webpage it states that haf 922 supports ATX and Micro atx mobos but than again coolermaster is known for lieing. so can any1 tell me if it will fit ??
i am kinda nabish when it comes to pc hardware.

thnx in advance
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    The HAF 922 is a big case, it'll handle just about any motherboard on the market.

    The thing is it all depends on how you position the standoffs when you get ready to mount the motherboard in your case. Although if you don't have a case yet I'd suggest checking out the Arc Mini from Fractal Design - it's made specifically for ATX power supplies and micro ATX motherboards.
  2. i already own a CM Haf i am safe to buy gene-z than....It says on CM website that haf 922 supports micro atx mobos but i dont belive what CM normally proclaim ... anyway thnx for the help.
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