ASUS UEFI BIOS and system stability.

Well I just put my new computer together and I am pretty excited! It is my first build so I am really a noob at this.

This thing is fast even compared to my old HP Elite that was Quad Core and had 8Gb of RAM I think...

So basically my issue is that all programs occasionally freeze. For example... I just downloaded USB drivers from ASUS website, when I opened downloads on Firefox, the program froze up for a good 30 seconds and then it came back up with downloads open. When it freezes I notice the HDD light thing on the case is lit up and stays lit until it fixes itself.

I previously had some devices under device manager that had the exclamation mark on them and it said there were no drivers installed. I downloaded some drivers from ASUS and now those are gone, but I still experience some freezing.

I'm hoping maybe BIOS just needs to be updated? Like maybe its current version is not compatible with some hardware?

I also think it could be the hard drive... when I try to get into BIOS by pressing delete, the system won't boot up and the Boot Device LED on the mobo is lit up...

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

32gb Gskill Sniper
1tb WD Caviar HDD

Any thoughts on what to do?
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  1. First right click on the computer icon on your desktop, goto manage / event viewer / windows / system. There should be warnings or errors that lead us to the problem. You can also try to change the sata cable and port.
  2. well I checked that out, and I'm seeing a lot of Event ID 7036... any idea what that is? I tried googling it and it looks like a step to try is updating drivers?
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