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Hey guys I just wanted some advice on my RAM. I have been performing tests on my newly build computer, and it only boots with a certain ram combination. I have performed tests and these are the results. I have named them RAM slot A and RAM slot B, and Ram stick 1, and ram stick 2.

RAM slot A: Boot or not
RAM stick 1 Not boot
RAM stick 2 Not boot

RAM slot B: Boot or not
RAM stick 1 Boot successfully
RAM stick 2 Boot successfully

Both RAM Slots Boot or not
1 in A, and 2 in B Not boot
2 in A, and 1 in B Not boot

I hope this table is understandable. Should I contact the company I bought the motherboard from and try and get it returned.
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  1. bump
  2. Perhaps I should get more sleep and party less but that looks like undecypherable nonsense to me .

    Maybe telling us the model and manufacturer of the mb and RAM will be helpful
  3. RAM and motherboard if you want any useful help.

    Also, dont bump
  4. Basically what I mean is that If I have RAM in the left RAM socket then I get no beep, but I a RAM module is in the right socket, then it starts up fine. If there is ram in both sockets then it won't beep. The motherboard is an Asus m5a78l-m-lx and the RAM is Corsair CMV4GX3M2A1333C9. I have have 2 2gb modules of it.
    Oh and sorry about the bump.
  5. Put them in the config that boots, go into bios and check their timings and voltages. Set the speed and timings manually, set the voltage to 1.5 V like the sticks state, then reboot and try with both sticks, if it still wont boot with both sticks, go back and try setting the voltage to 1.6 V, if that doesn't work i would RMA the motherboard as it probably has a bad ram slot.
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