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Hi All,

I'm trying to get my HDMI sound working for an HD TV. Right now I'm running 2 monitors. One ( Main ) from a VGA port and the second from a DVI port. Now, I can plug in my HDMI cable and the DVI monitor goes off and the screen appears no problem on my TV. However, I get no sound from it even when I try to switch the playback option.

Here's a pic:

Now, that's with it unplugged, but it doesn't change when plugged in even though the pic shows on the TV.

Now, part 2 of the problem is when I go to reboot the computer with the TV HDMI plugged in, it does not pic up the second monitor at all. When I have my DVI monitor working I can plug the HDMI in ( the DVI goes off ) and I can uplug it and the DVI monitor come back on. I hope this makes sense :)

Motherboard Link:

FYI, I've just recently upgraded to WIN 7 and I had the same problems with XP.
Thanks for any help.
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  1. I assume that you are using the onboard video, and as such I am surprised that you can even run 3 displays. The AMD website only shows that the integrated HD4250 graphics can support 2 displays natively. Since you can support 3 I am not surprised that it can not support audio while driving the third display. I would try and test out just the TV with HDMI and then the VGA monitor. Maybe the graphics chip shares both the HDMI and DVI as one digital signal (HDMI and DVI are identical for video, but HDMI has extra wires for audio) so when both are plugged in it is like dual link DVI. Either way I just don't think you have support for three monitors. Try the TV and VGA and see what happens, if it works then I am right about the number of monitors and possibly the chipset treating it like a dual link DVI.
  2. FYI, I cannot run 3 displays with this graphic card only 2. It's either the DVI or the HDMI + VGA. As soon as I plug my HDMI TV in, the DVI display goes into standby. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.

    A few things I have done.
    Updated my video and graphics drivers.
    Checked my BIOS and I had it set for DVI output so changed it to HDMI and no changes. It will still pick up either the DVI or HDMI ( when plugged in ).
    I even disabled the Realtek High Definition Audio output ( refer to pic above ).'

    One thing I noticed is when I did switch to the Realtek High Definition Audio. my speakers shut off and you can see the VU meter moving as it seems to be sending sound to that device but that isn't the HDMI sound.

    When I go to Device Manager and look at the sound drivers. I get:

    ATI HDMI Audio - Location: Location 0 (Internal High Definition Audio Bus) <-- Not really liking this Location 0 thing
    Realtek High Definition Audio - Location: Location 2 (Internal High Definition Audio Bus)
    Both devices are working properly ( like windoze knows any better :) )

    My guess is that I'm not going to be able to get sound out of my HDMI. When I look at the graphical representation from the Realtek HD Audio Manager, I can see the digital output, which I guess is a cable like output, and the HDMI output which looks greyed out.
    There is NO digital output connector on my motherboard.

    Guess I'll just make some other use of a 25' HDMI cable ;)
  3. This happens to me occasionally, changing the resolution of the display then changing it right back again usually sorts it for me.
  4. I finally found and fixed this same issue. Apparently the Realtek driver and ATI drivers don't play well together. Go to Realtek's download site here: http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/ and then go to High Definition Audio Codecs, accept the agreement, then find and download and install the ATI HDMI Audio Device driver.
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