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Hi Everyone:)
I am wondering if anyone has used GoBack, and if so, what have been your experiences?

I need to install some sort of backing up software for a family friend of mine. He has a small business, so his computer is important to him. However, he is a walking disaster when it comes to computers -- things just seem to _happen_ to computers he touches, so I need something that's relativelly robust and flexible yet user-friendly. He lives 2000km from here, I'm going on a trip, but generally he won't have my help available (except over phone), so I'm wondering if the software is easy to use for a non-technical person?

Basically any input re Goback 3 Deluxe is very much appreciated! :-)

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  1. The program is not difficult to use, but it is one hell of a system resource and memory hog.

    I'd suggest that you image his system, and if he screws up something, he can just pop in a CD and have a fresh, clean installation, with all his business software and settings intact.

    You might also consider having some kind of automatic backup, even with a ZIP drive, for daily updates. All he'd have to do is remember to change out the disk.

    Drive Image 5.0 supports task scheduling with different kinds of removable storage devices.


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