I5 2500k on a h67 mobo?


if i get a microATX h67 board (intel brand) and an i5 2500k will the i5 be able to use the HD3000 on it? or is the 2500 (with HD 2000) basically the same thing?

HD2000 vs HD 3000?

will the 2500k's turbo still work on an h67?

i dont overclock, so i guess the real question is; is the 2500k worth the extra 10-20 bucsk over the 2500 exclusively for the HD3000? -again, no overclock.

reason im asking is when i look at benchmarks for intel vs amd, the 2500k is usually higher than the 2500. id think they be right next to each other, but is this because of the HD3000?
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  1. It would work but the potential of overclocking your 2500k is gone.
    You might as well just get the i5-2500 or the i5-2400 since the h67 doesn't really allow you to OC.

    If its for gaming then you wont see much difference between the CPU but for other processes there may be slight improvements that you might not even notice. To really get something for gaming then get a real GPU that can hands down kill the integrated graphics. Don't expect the integrated graphics to give you much if any push for games it will lag you to death. For me the difference between the integrated graphics is negligible for gaming (I promise you. You wont be using that when gaming) For movie playback and all, the i5-2500 is actually too much you can run this with older components and still have good quality (good, not great, not amazing, but just good enough). For basic computing like word or excel well a core 2 duo could do that for you no problem.

    Why not just get a P67 chipset with the 2500k so you can more boost from that chip later on if you do decide to try it out (I used to say I wont OC but now I do)?

    May I know what you would use this computer for?
  2. The difference between the 3000 and the 2000 is minimal. I've had both. Neither one is designed for gaming with modern games. Here is where they fall in the hierarchy chart:
    For non-gaming use, either is OK. But...

    The i5-2500K/2400 is too much processor to be limited to on-chip graphics. It flies with a good discrete card.
  3. don't always trust benchmarks. especially things like passmark.

    its not really worth it to get the 3000 by buying the 2500k on a h67. You'd be better off getting a better gpu either way unless you really want to stick to the integrated Intel.
  4. If you really need integrated graphics (HTPC) then Intel really isn't the choice. You should be looking at AMD Llano.

    If you're just looking for a budget gaming solution then as Esrever has pointed out even something like the $59 5670 is going to be a huge upgrade over any Intel IGP.

    Someone had mentioned P67 earlier, keep in mind this is the only 1155 chipset that does not support IGP.
  5. As mentioned above, if you are interested in integrated video, then going with Intel is generally not the way to go. The Intel HD 3000 is basically as powerful as the Radeon HD 5450. The Intel HD 2000 is probably around 25% slower than that.

    I believe the slowest Llano APU, A4-3300, has an integrated graphics core approximately equal to the Radeon HD 5550. The integrated graphics core in the Llano A8 series is roughly equivalent to a Radeon HD 5570. The Radeon HD 5550 is roughly 60% faster than the Radeon HD 5450.

    If Anandtech early opinion about the graphics core in Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge CPU series is correct, then the Intel HD 4000 will be roughly equal to the Radeon HD 5550.

    The problem with Llano APUs is their relatively slow CPU cores. Roughly speaking, if you were to match them with their Sandy Bridge Core i3/i5/i7 counterparts, then in general you are talking about a 25% difference in CPU performance.

    If you want a powerful CPU and a relatively good graphics performance, then the best option would be to get the i5-2500 for your H67 chipset motherboard, and a relatively inexpensive graphics card like the Radeon HD 6570. That video card is roughly equal to the Radeon HD 5670. It wins some benchmarks, it loses some benchmarks.

    Below the Radeon HD 6570 is the HD 6450. I have not seen any comparison to other graphic cards in the few reviews of it that I found thru Google, but I would guess that it is almost equal to the Radeon HD 5570.
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