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anyone know if its at all safe to touch the blue cell on this cpu, i have no chance of getting a new laptop, and something got spilled on the laptop a WHILE back, (like a couple of years) i can clean the rest of whats covered in the now dry liquid, but i wanted to know if it was at all possible to clean the blue cell on the processor itself, thats the only place the liquid is, the laptop itself is a Dell Inspiron E1705 the area around the processor socket on the motherboard has dried liquid on it, but not in the socket, and whats on the processor, appears to be stray liquid from the initial spilling, i have the entire laptop taken apart, and can be put together, i just need to know if its at all safe to touch the blue film on the processor.

also, further information on why i cant get a new laptop all together. It was initially my mom's laptop, untill the liquid was spilled on it, it seeped into the laptop, and shortly after it wouldnt turn on. (no one knows what the liquid was, or what time it was spilled) After which, it has been sitting in her office, and hasnt been touched, besides taking the sata drive out, and getting the family photo's and important documents, just today, after we used the dvd drive on it to replace the one on another laptop that was being very loud, she told me that if i can figure out why it wont hold a charge, its all mine, and considering with all the model making i do for valve's games, via their SDK this would be very helpfull to get me out of my room, and be able to work around the family, and be a little more engaged with them, it would also help to show off my work to my family, so i dont have to pull them all the way upstairs, and into my typical teenage room.
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  1. If it is working, I wouldn't touch it.
  2. If it had spilled liquid on it for 2 years, I wouldn't worry about cleaning it now if it works OK. On the otherhand, I doub't gently cleaning the stain off would hurt it much if the spill didn't.
  3. amuffin said:
    If it is working, I wouldn't touch it.

    well, unfortunately i was just ninja'd i edited the post on why i cant get a new one alltogether, which explains in depth what happened, and tha it wont turn on anymore, the area where the stains (and what i believe to be mold, and acid) are, is right around the charging port, we wanted to see if it was the charger's fault, and got a new battery, we were close but not quite, i can clean whats on the motherboard no problem, and considering it worked for about a week before it just stopped all together, i can actually take your comment into account, and not touch it, and see if just cleaning the board will work, but i still will hope for a reply, and see what else you can say.
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