XFX Radeon HD 6770 Pci-Express 2.1 Compatibilty Issur

Hi Mates Asalam alaikum
i am From Pakistan
Recently I have bought a Cpu i worked Day and night for it Because i am a Poor Boy. But somehow i collected the Money for it it is used or u can say reconditioned

CPU Specs are:
Dell Optiplex 755
Intel Core 2 Duo e6800 2.99ghz
4gb ddr2 Kingston Ram at 667mhz

750 GB sea-gate hdd
I was running a XFX hd 4670 on another pc of dell wich is Optiplex Gx620. it worked Perfect but Games Like Crysis, GtA 4, Dragon age 2, The witcher are still at so much Lagging.. So i Sold that Pc. and Luckily without giving a peny more i got this optiplex 755

After Now For Graphics i have ordered is a XFX hd 6770.. i ordered because i didnt had knowledge nor i researched on it. the order cant be taken back now.

Problem is I have heard of Compatibiltiy Issues of Pci-Express 1.0 with 2.1
what should i do now?
how can i upgrade the Pci Express Slot
will this card work perfectly?
will i be able to play games on maximum at a resolution of 1600x900 using this card and cpu
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  1. there is no compatability issues between pcie 1.0 and 2.1, the compatability issue lies in the BIOS, some older bios's dont like newer cards. I am currently running a pcie 2.1 card in a 1.0 slot as are many others. there are a few that report incompatabilities, which could just as easily be caused by their incompetence and lack of computer knowledge. The only way to "upgrade a pcie slot" is to replace the motherboard with a newer one. Just make sure you update the motherboard bios to the latest one, this is required for many older motherboards to work with new cards.
  2. ok I searched alot on this...
    When I Brought this Pc I had Bios Revision A11 On main Screen First Screen on Starting And When I have Updated i Show Bios Revision A19 thats the kLatest Bios Update... MoreOver i Cant rip the motherboard from dell optiplex gx755 as this is a btx Cassing.. so I should better be with my Bad luck
  3. no one there to help me?
  4. basim_soomro said:
    no one there to help me?

    What's your mobo ??
  5. its a d845 i think in dell optiplex 755
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