How do I enter bios? Help anyone?

So I finally got my new pc build running just need to install drivers and an operating system although I can't access bios. I have this mobo:
For some reason the idiot who designed the program makes it default to widescreen and my monitor isn't widescreen so I can't see the key I'm suppose to hit when it starts up because its cut off. I've tried a few other keys F1 F2 Enter Delete.... and a long string of keys but to no avail it just black screens where as if I leave the computer alone while it boots up a message comes up basically prompting me to install an os. I have no idea how to access bios.Any help is appreciated, thanks!!

Edit: Just did a bit of searching. Could it be bios native resolution is not supported on my monitor? My monitor is an old heavy something around 1280x720 resolution? I have a new monitor 1920x1080 coming in the mail but not until next week :(
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  1. Ok. Installed windows 7. Still no luck getting into bios. Would it be a good idea to update bios from Gigabyte website?
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