Saber Tooth 990fx

I just finished putting together a new system. Unfortunately every time i boot up i get the "Enter Bios screen" for 5 seconds before it switches to a screen that reads. PCI Express to SataII HOST Controller ROM v1.07.20 Detecting Drives: Done; No Drives found" What is the issue here? I cant get into bios or do anything.
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  1. Apparently it is not reading any drives hooked to the SATA controller. Check data and power cables to the drives.
  2. yes but there are no drives attached i simply am trying to get into the bios. The screen comes up saying hit delete to enter bios....however that splash screen is up for 3 seconds before im presented with a beep then the black screen with those statements.
  3. So have you tried attaching a drive?
  4. even tried that yet the boot device led is still on....Stumped
  5. 8150 Processor
    2x4GB Adata Memory 1333
    850 XION PSU
    990FX MOBO
    Samsung 240gb SSD drive
    660TI 2GB Nividia GPU
  6. Clear the CMOS and the system will wait for F1. You should be able to access the BIOS then.
    For the message regarding no drives found, disable in BIOS the Display OptionROM in POST for the JMB Storage Controller.
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