Upgrade problem with dell radeon x300 64mb to 128mb

I hit a brick wall trying to upgrade this. Even though the driver appears to be the same from both the cards, I uninstalled the old driver, removed then installed the 128mb card and reinstalled the driver. When I restart the screen stays a blank, black screen yet I can hear all the startup music that the computer is starting just fine.

I've restarted it several times and it generally stays black but sometimes I get a "vpu recover reset graphics accelerator" error, twice have gotten the blue screen with the "ati2dvag.dll caused an infinite loop" error.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers in safe mode literally all day today with no result. I downloaded the HH mobility modder with latest catalyst driver and got a really pretty purple screen, but no success. When I put my 64mb card back in with no change of the drivers, the screen displays just like it always had in the past.

I bought the 128mb card on eBay. It's identical to my 64mb card except it's 128mb.

My question is - Does this seem to be a compatibility problem and I just shouldn't try the 128mb card? Is it truly just a driver problem and I'm not holding my mouth right? Or, is it more likely the card itself is defective? The card is still under warranty with the seller so I can return it.
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  1. what did you think you were going to achieve with the 128mb card? its not going to be any better than the 64mb card, they are both rediculously outdated. hope you didnt pay more than $5 for it. Its probably a faulty card by the sound of it.
  2. I know asking for help with this is like asking for help with the AM radio in my 1978 Ford Fairmont. Paid a little more than that, but not much.

    Thanks for the info.
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