Does Asus Sabretooth Z77 have room for 2 SLI Gigabyte 670's

I am building a machine that has one Gigabyte 670 which is a monster of a videocard. I guess the question is, does the Sabretooth Z77 have enough room to fit two of those things. I have heard questions about the size of he card and wanted to know if anyone has done this already.

Here are links to the card and motherboard.

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  1. Yes it does. It will accept two 3 slot cards leaving only one (the top one) PCIe X1 connector accessible for another expansion card.
  2. well i was meaning because of the sheer size of the card, will there physically be room?
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    Yes there is room since both PCIe X16 slots have two free slot spaces under them! When I said 3 slot cards I was referring to the size of the cards!
  4. no need to get mad. I was jsut meaning someone complained on a site that the cards were too big to SLI on their motherboard. I thought you meant it had enough slots, which is true, but his did also, but the cards did not fit.
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  6. Not mad at all, in the other persons case he probably had the PCIe slots spaced 2 slots apart instead of three like the Sabertooth.
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