New build major probs need help asap please


built a new pc earlier this week, pc was running fine although a bit high on temp side and was advised to check the thermal paste. so i took off the hyper cooler 212 and cleaned the cpu and fan then reapplied the paste, put everythin together and system booted up fine although there was a slight ticking noise coming from one of the hypers fans.

after a closer inspection i decided that the bolts werent tightened up enough ( is hand tightened enough? ) and tightened them a bit more now im stuck in a position where the system wont power up unless i slightly apply pressure to the fans ( ie move it slightly to the side ).

have i tightened my cooler up to much on one side or is there somethin else im missing?

hope someone can help me as its oin ma box in just now
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  1. Did you tighten it enough to crack the motherboard? Does it work if you loosen it a bit?
  2. could be shorting out. Never used one of those but you should be able to put fiber washers on both ends of the bolting system to isolate the mother board.
  3. Good point. A short can certainly cause weird issues.
  4. and the quantity of thermal paste .

    you are filling microscopic voids in the metal. One very small drop is all you need , spread as thinly as possible [ business cards work well ].
  5. Get the cooler's installation instructions out, remove the cooler, clean the cpu and cooler surfaces.

    Check that the cpu installation instructions and make sure it is properly seated in the socket, and the locking lever is in place.

    Apply paste and re-install the cooler, finger tightening one bolt, then the one on the opposite side, etc. until all are tightened to the same degree by feel. Then use a tool and tighten each 1/4 - 1/2 turn more in the same order.
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