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Rate my system

Just built my new pc :) wondering what you guys would rate it!

Motherboard: asrock fatal1ty professional p67 b3.
ram: gskill ripjaw 8 gb (2x sticks) 1600mhz
Cpu: i5 2500k
Gpu: 2x sapphire radeon hd 6970
case: haf 932 (with cold cathodes)
Psu: corsair hx850
cpu cooler: cooler master v8
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  1. Woops. didnt add in my hard drive: 7200 rpm 1 tb westgate
  2. Bad cooler.
  3. fuzzycuffs_91 said:
    Are you sure? cpu is running at 26 degrees under load :P maybe different coolers?

    You must live in a very cold area. Since the v8 is outperformed by the v6gt and the 212.
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    instead of question thread a poll thread is better way to rate a rig
  5. Why are you going for 2x6970s? It's generally better to go for the best single GPU you need (unless you're running Eyefinity?)
  6. i went with two 6970s because i was on a budget (1200) and already had one. But yeah, its cold where im at, i live up in washington
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