Phoenix Technologies Bios update

Hello everyone.

I am looking for some update for my bios version: Phoenix Technologies LTD 6.00, 04.05.2009

Edit: I wanted to add: I have WinXP

Motherboard Manufaturer: Clevo model M7X0SUN
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  1. Normally the board manufacturer is the supplier for new BIOS!
  2. Yeah well... That's what everyone says... but my board manufacturer is "Clevo" and they don't have Bios in their page. For that reason I come here =P

    I also checked the Phoenix Bios page, and the have a link to this page where I must to pay 30 bucks for it... it's ridiculous.
  3. If they do not have BIOS nobody has.
  4. It's some months later - but I am having the same issue. If I get it resolved I'll post it. If you found a solution, would you please let me (us) know? Thanks!
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