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Are there any requirements for a computer when it comes to being compatible with a graphics card or can i just use my old computer and a graphics card which is much newer (if i bought a good enough PSU)?
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  1. The type of slot is very important. The new GPU's need a PCI-E 2 or 1 slot. If you have an old pc it could not have that. ( only pci maybe )
  2. Depends on your specs.
    GPUs need to be compatible with motherboard and PSU.
    What are your specs and what GPU are you planing to buy ?
  3. It also needs to be "compatible" with your CPU. I was just in a thread where someone wanted to spend $200 to get a GPU. He was still using an old P4 CPU however. He wouldn't get the frame rates he was thinking he'd get if he used such a slow CPU.
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