What's the best graphics card that this PSU can run?


Any possible Crossfire options? (I know crossfire uses less wattage than SLi) If single card limited that's fine also.
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  1. There are lots of cards you can do SLI/Crossfire with that psu. Was there something in particular you were looking at? About the only ones you can't are (maybe) the top couple kings on each side.
  2. I was thinking of either cross-firing 2x 6870's or GTX 560's (non ti).
  3. I know I am about to contradict what I just put before but... there are only two pcie connectors on the 650 (I have a 750 which has 4 connectors, which is what I was thinking of) While the 650 can do enough current for two 6870's or 560's it doesn't have the necessary connections. I don't recommend using adapters. In a little bit I will post a comparable unit that has enough connectors (I just have to run out the door to go to work atm)
  4. It's a Antec 620 not a 650. why is connectors bad.

    Otherwise I'll leave the Sli and get a $320 single slot card?
  5. The 620 HCG has x2 Six Pin + 2 pcie connectors to power the graphics card(s) which means you can either have two cards that require only one connector, or one card that can have two. If you are only going to do one card, then that unit will power anything up to and including either the 6990 (which used more power than the 7970) or the gtx 590.
  6. A single high-end GPU will generally require less power than 2 lower-performance GPUs in SLI. Use the following link to assess how much power your system will require:

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