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n my office machine which is under LAN connection. my machine is provided a fixed IP. my machine is only allowed one web site connection(my working site) and other all sites blocked. i could not access other site except one site. in the server there is a fire wall which name is SONICWALL. how can i access all site from my machine. i have tried by going through IP of different sites but failed to access. is there any simple technique to access internet from my machine.
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  1. I don't know of a simple hack but think you need to use a bit of psychology -- keep complaining about being disconnected until the IT staff lose confidence in the firewall etc and maybe give you unfettered access.
  2. +1^ Even if you manage to somehow bypass the firewall, your computer network traffic is tracked. You want to risk getting fired or at least talked to about this?
  3. I agree, don't mess with Sonicwall! Its got some really nice Syslog features!
  4. you might have got this idea or thinking of this as a possibility from anywhere but unless you are an expert into this, do not even try. I can tell you many ways to do this but I am not sure how much serious your guys are about IT security.
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