Please help me pick out motherboard

What would be the best motherboard for the following components:

Case: Corsair 300R (can use ATX or micro ATX boards)
CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230 V2 LGA 1155 server processor
RAM: G.Skill Ares F3-1600C10D-16GAO DDR3 1600

I'd like a motherboard which will give me good performance and not slow down the components but which is a good price and will likely accomodate future innovations well.

I will be using the PC for gaming, 3D modeling and a good bit of multi-tasking.

Please post any suggestions you have for a good motherboard I should get to use with these components.

Much thanks for any help!

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  1. According to Intel specs, you'll need ecc ram and a video card (onboard video not available with this cpu); either you have to change cpus or change ram.
  2. This is the actual CPU I have, not the 3.2 GHz.

    It would probably be cheaper to change RAM than processor. So what kind of RAM should I get? Will the RAM I have not work with the CPU?

    And what about a motherboard?

    Thanks for the alert!
  3. Normally, xeon cpus require ecc ram, but the specs for each server board are different. Checkout some board specs at newegg; tyan and supermicro make server boards; each one has some different ram characteristics. You must be careful to use registered ram on some boards, which is much more selective as to which board it works on. If you're not using newegg, I would link a vender so we can see what ram is available. Your current ram is plain desktop non ecc, which doesn't work with server boards. If you want a better selection, I would sell the xeon and get a plain 1155 cpu.
  4. What if I put the Xeon on an ASRock B75 Pro motherboard? The B75 Pro says it supports the Xeon chip and it also will take the RAM I think. Will there be any problems between the RAM and the CPU in that instance?


    EDIT: Actually I just checked the G.Skill website and the ASRock B75 Pro isn't on the "qualified motherboard list" for my RAM. Maybe I should buy new RAM?
  5. Try the ram first then. Be sure you have the case speaker lead connected when you power up so you can hear beep codes if the system won't post.
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