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what are the sign when computer has virus?
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  1. Start menu and desktop icons disappearing, fake anti-viruses popping, multiple windows popping up on start up telling you that your harddrive has corrupted or is failing... the list goes on and on
  2. Random BSOD, Wiped OS, Freezing, Computer slowdowns (If you have up to date antivirus then a slow computer can mean allot of things), Programs stop working.

    Including everything joemama069 said.

    Do you think you may have a virus?
  3. What virus protection are you using?

    Not using virus protections is the first sign of a virus.
  4. ~Your system slows down. This can be especially noticeable if your machine is connected to a network
    ~You see activity on your machine that you did not cause. For example, a disc drive light constantly flashing
    ~An internal e-mail server becomes overloaded and slows down
    ~Data files become corrupted or are missing
    ~Programmes such as Microsoft Word or Excel display a message advising that the file you're trying to load is not in the correct format
    ~Unexpected changes to the content of files
    ~Programmes do not run, or function incorrectly

    Anything "out of the ordinary" really can be related to a virus. If your using Windows, I suggest turning on windows fire wall, and downloading Microsoft Security Essentials (free).
  5. This smells like homework to me so,

    Sniffles, coughs and sneezes :)
  6. Easier for you to describe your system and it's symptoms to us.
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