My budget is $3200....New Build

New here and looking for advice.

Been building computers for about 11 years now for friends and family and am finally embarking on my first non hand me down computer build. My budget is $3200 and ive got most everything sitting in my Newegg cart just waiting on my college disbursement to get here in the next week. The only thing im unsure about is the graphics at this point. I need this computer to DESTROY BF3, Skyrim, and games that will come out at least a year or two from now.

Here's my question. What do you guys think would be the best graphics setup for me? x2 GTX560 (regular at $200/ea or ti at $250/ea) running in Sli mode, x2 GTX570 running in Sli mode (at $350/ea), or x1 GTX580 (at $500)? For monitors I am using a 32" (I think) Samsung LED tv at 1080p resolution and 120hz. For a secondary monitor I have an LG 24" monitor at 1080p resolution and 60hz. The LG is simply a supplemental monitor and may not even get used at all so I am less concerned with multi-display capabilities than I am with raw power and longevity of the card itself to remain a viable option for gaming in a year. Yeah two GTX570 is obviously better than two GTX560ti but do I NEED that much power to max games like BF3 or Skyrim out? If I am convinced that I dont need the two 570's and can "downgrade" to two 560's or even one 580 then that will drop the cost of my build by $200 that I can spend on other things such as a Roccat gaming headset im eyeing hungrily.

Please note that I am looking EXCLUSIVELY at the ASUS lineup of Nvidia cards not just because I love ASUS but because of the aesthetics (the black backplate on the 570 and 580 is ultra sexy and matches everything else im puting in my case).

Feedback is appreciated.

Here is my current build as it sits in Newegg's shopping cart...

Case - Corsair Carbide Series 500r
Mobo - Asus Sabertooth P67 (Revision 3)
CPU - Intel Core I7 2600k Sandy Bridge
Memory - 16gb (4x4gb) Corsair Vengeance 1600 DDR3 Ram
GPU - Asus ENGTX570 x2
PSU - Corsair Professional Series GOLD AX1200 (1200w psu)
HDD - Corsair Force Series 3 180gb SATA 3 internal SSD
Sound - Asus Xonar Essence STX Virtual 7.1 PCIe Card
Speakers - Logitech Z623 200w 2.1 THX certified
CPU Cooler - Cooler Master V6 GT
Memory Cooler - Corsair CMXAF2 Fan and Heatsinks
Case Cooling - Cooler Master Excalibur R4 120mm x8, Corsair black 200mm
Keyboard - Roccat Isku or Razer Lycosa or Anansi (can't decide)
Mouse - Roccat Kone[+] or Razer Mamba (can't decide)
Game Mat - Roccat Alumic or Razer Ironclad (can't decide)
Wireless Adapter - TRENDnet usb 2.0 Dual Band Wireless N
Miscelaneous - Random Asus DVD-RW, Fan Splitters, NZXT Fan controller, Antec Lanboard stand, Windows 7 Home Premium (Retail), Battlefield 3 LM, and other crap im forgeting that doesnt matter enough to type here.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I say go for a 580, that way you could maybe down the road get another 580 later on, specially with a 1,200watt PSU yeah! :)
  2. I'm getting the 1200w to be safe. After some research I found that, under load, the 570's can each chew up around 400w. The I7 at 130ish watts. Then in adding all the fans and what not I came to the conclusion that the system would eat up right around 1000w which made me nervous about getting Corsair's 1050w Gold psu. If I could get the 1050 instead of the 1200 that'd save some money for other stuff for sure (1866 ram for instance) but I'm just not sure. The power consumption is just too close based on my research.

    It is also worth noting that running an Sli setup is VERY close with the 570 and 580 but doable on the Sabertooth P67. These two cards take up 3 slots each so there in only a few milimeters of space between the top card's fans and the bottom card's back plate. I had to youtube a video of this just to be sure and the vid I found shows the guy sticking some small plastic piece between the cards just to keep them from touching. As the cards have utterly massive cooling systems, they do sag a bit.
  3. Another thing is that once I make my purchase I will not be making any subsequent purchases until I upgrade from these cards 1-3 years from now. If ya'll talk me into a 580 there will never be a second 580 in my system. I would just get two 580's right now but at $1000 for the pair I would have to sacrifice on my sound, periphials, ram, etc...

    I checked a link in another thread (sorry for not searching first) that showed for Battlefield 3 a pair of 570's is really going to be my best choice. You guys agree with the data in that benchmarking?
  4. the benchmark done here on Tom's show artifacting due to gpu drivers from nvidias camp. I'd say go with 2xGTX 560Ti sli - less power hogging, less heat and obviouslly less expensive - get em and you're set for the next 2-3 years. If you're doing research - you'll know how far people went with a pair of GTX 260's/275's.
  5. get sli gtx560ti or if you can buy gtx570 sli then this is much more better than gtx 580 and gtx560ti sli.
  6. I can afford the gtx570 sli but im looking at that guru3d link and seeing a pair of 480's beating a pair of 570's. Isn't a 480 an old card? How are they beating the 570's. I have been out of the loop for too long (my last build for a friend was 4 years ago)
  7. the architecture is old+the cards are too but the die is what was the power house of the GTX 4680. Nvidia had to cut some of the cores features to counter the omelette cooking heat thrown out by the GTX 470 and 480 thas why they were a lil less hotter but were murdered in the performance dept and they came out with the GTX5xx series
  8. where do you see link me.
  9. google+guru3D+gtx 570 sli
  10. Still looking at links you guys are kicking out but this so far has been very fascinating and informative. I think i've narrowed down my options to 560ti sli and 570 sli.
  11. If I drop the 570 sli setup and go for the 560ti sli setup I can save $110 by dropping the AX1200w for an AX850w (I think thats big enough?) and then I can turn around and invest that into some 1866 ram as opposed the the 1600 I currently have in my build. The price difference between the two sli setups is $200 as well so getting the 560ti's gives me an extra $310 to play with and spend on other stuff. Still deciding which is more important. Tons of info in these links.
  12. dual 570 would perform better
  13. woah there- hold up on that P67...if i know any better - getting a Z68 mobo would be a better route instead of going sabertooth and going with an Asrock Z68 extreme gen 3 mobo ... really/highly recommended by tom's and other forums...your build cost'll should go down considerably.

    look at this;
  14. Part of the reason for the P67 was the x4 SATA III slots and the look of it. Its ultra sexy with all that black crap all over it. I looked at the Z68's in the ASUS lineup and decided I wouldn't need a Z68 because I see that having a feature that allows some sort of integrated graphics from the CPU is useless and confuses me. Maybe I'm wrong on that. Also I'd really like to stick with ASUS for the mobo. I have never had an ASUS board die on me yet or arrive DOA for that matter.

    I looked up the guru3d 570 sli benchmarking thing you showed me and im a bit more confused on it. I had read somewhere a few days ago that each 570 eats about 400w under load. But their review shows that the load for TWO cards is just over 400w. If thats the case then I can just get the AX850 instead of the AX1200 since I never plan to overclock anything (ok maybe i'll OC the cpu, im not hardcore into that sort of thing).
  15. Quote:
    Maybe I'm wrong on that.
    yeap... but i know that you get a slight price dif for something you will have as a bonus. so go with a Z68 from asus...maybe get an rog board or the deluxe

    keep card can sure eat up a lot of power but when in sli/crossfire, power draws are "slightly" bumped. kinda like having two engines in one car only using one fuel tank.
  16. Omg I love you. You just saved my build $110 on a 1200w psu I don't need. If people can get away with a 750w on a 570 sli setup then the gold rated AX850 is plenty enough for me. AWESOME. With that savings I can bump up my ram and won't have to consider the 560ti sli setup.
  17. As for the Z68...
    Just not sure about it. What benefits does it have over the Sabertooth P67? Is it still an LGA1155 socket? Is the I7 2600k good enough or do I want to consider a better cpu if there is one?

    *Update* After getting some hot pockets in me and doing some research I have found that the Z68 just doesn't have anything over the P67 that I would ever need or want. Also all of the Z68's are bright and colorful boards. I am 29 and am not so impressed with shinies and flashy colors. The solid black sabertooth P67 is the board for me (even though it will not wake up from sleep). But I do appreciate your suggestion.


    I've perused all of the data you guys have afforded me and 90% of it was new to me. Hard data that just slipped under my radar. After going over everything I have decided that the Asus GTX570 in Sli setup is going to be the best choice for me so long as I can keep the bastages cool in the ultra tight setup of the Sabertooth. In the end it came down to whether or not I needed an extra $200 for anything else in the build which at this point in time I do not. If the $200 had been an issue, I wouldn't have thought twice about going for the 560ti's. The benchmarking reviews were outstanding and seeing that even a single 580/590 might have even a little bit of trouble with Battlefield 3 maxed out or have so much as a hiccup was a decisive point in my decision. Your help was invaluable.

  18. Quote:
    Omg I love you.
    :lol: i hope this is "strictly" Platonic :P nothing more...

    What benefits does it have over the Sabertooth P67?

    if you can't see the list than;

    and add them all to the compare list on the top right hand cornere...they list everything categorically and you'll know it when you see it :)
  19. Lookin at that compare list
  20. Whats a 22 nanometer cpu? The Sabertooth is the only one that doesn't support it.

    Ok....and PCIe 3.0. Sabertooh only one that doesnt have it. Does that matter if the 570's are PCIe 2.0 cards?
  21. 22nm is the lithography of a it. aka Ivy Bridge support. You could do a bios update on the sabertooth but thas wishful thinking...if there are no bios' out for a 22nm support then... :/

    Edit; i stand corrected, you can get 22nm support with a bios update for the sabertooth.

    it matters when you'll want to splash more cash and throw out older 2.0/2.1 cards. most 570's are 2.1 cards - i think.
  22. If I DID get a Z68 it'd have to be the deluxe and even that is a lot more expensive than the Sabertooth. I noticed the Sabertooth also lacks bluetooth. Not sure if that is important to me or not.
  23. i usually get all the above features - for the price i can get it...better have the features that'll i'll need later than have some slots occupied by PCI based controllers or clutter up backpanel with dongles that can easily be found on mobo's. one option is the dual gigabit lan.

    btw, you get an intel lan and a realtek lan on the deluxe, from what i hear, the intel is really superior to others of the same niche/market

    * you're getting a 7.1 capable card and getting a 2.1 sound setup...truly, you should be going 5.1 the least if you're getting the xonar 7.1

    if you can get this; true that you'd need the pci slot

    but another winodw just opened; if you're settling with a 2.1 setup than you should'nt look down on the onboard ALC chip on any of the current boards asus make. they are exceptional ...unless you have a hearing range of a dog than you wouldn't know what you're listening to :)

    do some research on how far the human ear can perceive the audible spectrum
  24. Yeah I have to go with a wireless solution unfortunately. I have AT&T Uverse 24mbit internet.

    At this point its looking like I have to decide from the best looking and least colorful board on the market and PCIe 3.0. I am just not sure which i'd rather have.
  25. edited my post ^ please read it :)
  26. That card was an option until I blocked all of my PCI slots with the two 570's :(
    The 2.1 system is just for now. I was also looking at Logitech's cheap 5.1 system and their very expensive one. The very expensive one isnt in the budget right now unless I get rid of the 570's.

    Just checked and the expensive speakers are within my budget of $3200 for the whole system
  27. Erm....I accidentally found out that if I don't get those speakers I can get two Asus GTX580's and run them in Sli instead and it looks like my psu should still handle them. I'd also have to downgrade the i7 2600k to an i5 2500k. Good idea bad idea?
  28. Two 570s will p*ss all over the other choices
  29. Lmfao I love the way you guys talk. So sticking with two 570's then. Should I downgrade to the i5 2500k? I've read that the 2600k and its hyperthreading is really only good for people that do rendering and encoding, neither of which I do.
  30. Quote:
    good for people that do rendering and encoding, neither of which I do
    this was a GPU only discussion...turning out to be a new build advice thread, thus this section of the forum is inappropriate.

    you only mentioned some games...this many posts later, you've realized that the 2600k is overkill :)

    :lol: automatically your build cost is going down.
  31. Yeah i've just upgraded my case to 650d, dropped all the extra fans the 500r needed, and invested that money in my first water cooling solution, the Corsair H100. This is spiraling out of control lol.

    Got the info I needed. Thanks again for the advice/info guys.
  32. With your budget why not sli 580s ?
  33. the H100 is anything but a watercooling solution... :P that should have a name of its own.
  34. Guru3D uses the following games in their test suite, COD-MW, Bad Company 2, Dirt 2, Far Cry 2, Metro 2033, Dawn of Discovery, Crysis Warhead. Total fps (summing fps in each game @ 1920 x 1200) for the various options in parenthesis (single card / SL or CF) are tabulated below along with their cost in dollars per frame single card - CF or SLI:

    -Twin Factory OC'd 560 T's get ya 862 fps in Guru3D's gaming test suite for as low as $410 (same price as reference 560 Ti) or about 48 cents per frame....these cards can be overclocked another 10-12 %.

    -Twin 570'ss get ya 873 fps in Guru3D's gaming test suite for as low as $640 or about 73 cents per frame ...these cards can be overclocked 5 - 7 %.

    -One 580 gets ya 616 fps in Guru3D's gaming test suite for as low as $640 or about 78 cents per frame ... ...these cards can be overclocked 6 - 8% %. Two 580's get ya to 953, three to 1030 fps.

    I don't see the small advantage the 570's have over the factory OC'd 560's as being wirtn a 50% price increase..... that $230 . Then again, given the money your spending and the fact that the PSU will handle three 580's ......

    The H100 is not going to do anything for you. The better air coolers can take a SB CPU behind 5 Ghz making anything better superfluous. It and the Cooler Master V6 GT are loud as hell.
    It's almost ironic that coolers like this are becoming available just as processors transition to designs that may ultimately render them unnecessary; even overclocked to 5GHz, an Intel Sandy Bridge 2600K doesn't need anywhere near this level of cooling.

    And yes, I get the 2500k.

    I'd go with 8GB of "low profile" Vengeance (not the ones with the toothy heat sinks).

    Consider this case review before buying

    As for the P67 vs Z68, read this:

    Also the Sabertooth has a 5 year warranty .... the Asrock for example has only 2
  35. With a budget of 3200 you might as well get SLI 580's.
    But since that isn't one of your options I must suggest a pair of 570's
  36. My 2 cents:

    - Singlel GTX 580 Water cooled (single card now, upgrade 2 later)
    - Most P67 and Z68 boards do not support X16 for each PCIx lane - Expcept this one:

    As for P67 or Z68, either is fine since the 22nm Tri-gate CPU's may not even work on older hadware.

    CPU/GPU Cooling kit
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  39. for 3200$ that is the best you can do? and you will only be playing at 1080p! you should look into eyefinity or nvidia surround. - check out the difference between a single a tri monitor setup.
  40. I did some serious updates. The following changes were made,

    MSI Big Bang Marshal Motherboard (looks like I can run both cards in 16x instead of 8x by 8x)
    x2 MSI 580's (the 3078mb $600 ones)
    16gb 2133 G. Skill Ripjaws for ram
    HX1050 1050w PSU
    Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case

    To fit this in my budget I had to drop the following from the build
    Liquid Cooler for the Cooler Master V6 GT
    Sound Card
    Mouse Pad

    I have a 10 dollar keyboard from walmart that will do fine until I can get something better in a month or two. Same thing with the mouse, cheap 15 dollar asus. Currently using a piece of paper for a mouse pad but I think I can work a Razer Sphex into the build.

    Just under $3200 and I can no longer be considered a asus fanboy. This is my first time not using one of their mobos.
  41. the 3gb 580's for 1080p!?!? that is what you call a waste. if you are playing only at 1080p, which i think you should not and take a serious look at eyefinity and nvidia surround, all you need is the 1.5gb 580's. look at the scythe mugen 3- . it is much quieter than the v6 gt and cools just as well.

    why 16gb's of ram? i thought you were just gaming. why 2133mhz ram. you wont see much of a performance gain at all from it over mere 1600mhz ram. just stick with 8gb 1600mhz ram. you will see no bottlenecking and it is more than enough for gaming.
  42. Future ready(ish). Hoping this setup will still be viable in 4 or 5 years. Hoping the cards will be competitive against pcie 3.0 cards so i wont have to upgrade. As for the ram speed I guess I just figured why not lol. I realize the 2133 is overkill and that 8gb is overkill but ive read that a single 1500mb 580 can have difficulty with Arma II so I figured better to have more than not enough.

    Also 3 monitors is just NOT in the budget and not even being considered. This TV im on right now is brand new and I hate the seams that multiple monitors have. Although that would be fantastic for the flight sims I play, I find 3 monitors for a FPS overkill in its own right.
  43. memory is dirt cheap.. if you can afford it I don't know why people always frown upon not going with the extra memory...

    16GB is around $99...(newegg)

    most people say anything over 8GB is over kill... but why not have the extra in there when software comes out that may need it. Unless your system is having a heat issue...
  44. Also I couldn't agree more, The Seams in the 3 monitor setup is annoying... I rather have one large monitor as well. (omni)
  45. I spent $200 on my ram.

    I realize that two kits arent guaranteed to work with eachother. I saw a 4 dimm kit in 1600 for $100 I will consider if the 2133 really isnt much faster.

    And who knows, maybe in a year or two i'll have the money for the eyefinity whatsamajigger, at which point the 580's wouldnt have been a waste after all. As far as I can tell this setup will destroy anything, including witcher 2 with its ubersampling (tho i dont know what ubersampling is and probably wont be playing witcher, the fact that people have trouble with it with a 580 bothers me)
  46. Ok, i didn't realize you went above the PC3 12800... the 1600mhz 16GB gSkill kit which has incredible rating/reviews on newegg was $100 for the 16Gb kit

    edit* wow now $89
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