Hi folks

I'm building my first PC. Unfortunately, my build has already run into problems. I suspect I have a bad mobo but was wondering if there's anything else I should try before going through an RMA process.

The board is an ASUS P8Z77-V PRO and I'm installing an i7 3770K CPU with stock cooler and 16GB memory (4x4GB) from Corsair. The memory is Corsair Vengeance model CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 (1.5V) and I selected this because it's on the ASUS QVL list.

I'm getting the dreaded DRAM LED light when I try to boot. The CPU led doesn't come on so I suspect it's OK. Even so, I removed the CPU, inspected the socket under a magnifier and reinstalled it. I'm obvioulsy not an expert but I saw no sign of bent pins in the socket.

I know others on these message boards have had similar probems and I've been trying a few of the suggestions I've come across with no success. I've tried installing only one pair of DRAM and also a single stick in either A2 or B2 but yhis didn't work. Pressing the MemOK! button in all of these configurations fails to resolve the issue. The MemOK! process seems to work correctly each time but returns to a constant red DRAM LED once it's complete.

I've also tried clearing the CMOS using the jumper. The BIOS version on the board is 1504 and there are two newer versions, although neither of these apparently addressed any memory compatabilty issues. Regardless, I did a USB BIOS flash to upgrade to the latest version but this made no difference.

I'm assuming that because I'm using QVL memory and can't even get the thing to boot with one or two sticks installed that I'm unlikely to have a memory problem, unless all 4 sticks are bad. Since the CPU socket looks OK and the CPU led doesn't light up, I'm assuming the problem doesn't lie there (although I'm sure the CPU diagnostics on the board are not foolproof)

Does anyone have any suggestions that I might try before I ask for a replacement from newegg? I'd hate to find that I'm missing some simple fix. If I am, it's obviously likely that I'll have the same problem with a replacement board. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Hi, Does the CPU fan spin? The CPU led should come on and then off. I suspect the CPU doesn't get power. Have you connected the 8-pin ATX connector (not the 6+2 PCIe one) ?
  2. Yes. The fan works and the 8-pin connector is plugged in.
  3. If the BIOS flashing went OK (have you renamed the file and connected the USB stick to the designated Flashback USB port?) then it might be a motherboard issue. Or a CPU one.
  4. As far as I can tell, the BIOS update went OK. I used the renamer software off the ASUS site and the flashback LED went through its flashing sequence - slow flashes that got faster and then turned off.

    You've hit on my basic concern - it's probably the mobo or the cpu but I don't know how to nail this as one or the other. I guess one solution would be to buy a cheap mobo locally and try to get a system to boot off that, but I'll probably go with a replacement mobo via rma first, unless anyone out there has other suggestions.

    In terms of reliability, how common are mobo problems vs. cpu problems?
  5. Motherboards problems more common. Is the board outside the case or inside? For ruling out a shorting it's good to test it outside the case.
    Can you connect a case speaker to the motherboard?
  6. It's inside the case. I may try a quick test with it outside, just in case.

    Thanks for the help. I'll definitely post an update once this is resolved.
  7. Usually, I have found that when there's a problem that comes down to either the motherboard or the CPU, most of the time if the motherboard is an Asus, it's the CPU that has the problem. I would RMA the CPU first. Intel is very good and quick about that.
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