Will Lucid MVP work on the Z68 ap-d3 ?

Sub folks, my gigabyte Z68 ap-d3 is released with the lucid universal gpu Virtu, but will the Virtu MVP work backport on it ? i know the virtue MVP is for the z77 series but am just curious to know, and what is the difference between both of the Virtu MVP and Virtu Universal?

CPU : i7-2600k
GPU : gtx 560 ti

Thanks in advance
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    I have it working on my z68 with a 2500k, but it seems that it is a 30 day trial unless you have a licence in the BIOS that comes on Z77. Hopefully it will change but I don't know, that's all I've found.
  2. So it works, that's why i needed to know :) as for the license i think there is a bios hack or something to solve this...thanks for the reply ...
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  4. It is a little goofy on the Z68 with some programs though. For instance BF3 will not launch on my machine until I disable MVP.
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