BIOS will recognize SATA HDD but Windows 7 installer will not :/

I had two hdd's in RAID0 (WD 1600YD I think were the models), and one of them failed--click of death, BSOD, failed dskchk, etc.

I took out the bad drive and kept the good drive in the machine. (Everything was backed up to my external once the clicking started.) BIOS recognizes it, and when booting from an older IDE drive, windows recognizes it as well. It passed the disk check and everything. But when I try to install Windows 7, the WD drive won't show up on the list of places to install Windows. I got the drivers from WD's site, got the drivers from inside windows, but they aren't "signed" according to the Windows installer, and I can't use them. I tried the drive in another older machine and have the same problem.

I tried switching SATA ports, tried switching SATA cables, tried switching BIOS SATA settings from RAID to AHCI to AHCI>IDE, to Native IDE, etc. No matter what I try, I can't get the Windows 7 64 bit installer to recognize the drive.

I've read that you can change settings on specific SATA ports, but I can't find that option in BIOS. I am going to try messing around on the drive from inside windows with an older drive that has an OS installed, but I'm totally clueless here. Maybe there is some setting in BIOS that I'm missing? Another annoying thing is the Windows installation takes ages to load each screen, so every time I tried somethign different, I hve to wait 20+ minutes to the problem screen. I spent all of yesterday messing with this and I'm pretty horrible w/ this kind of troubleshooting.

PC using a triple core AMD w/ 6 GB RAM, and it was running Windows 7 64 bit before the other drive quit.

The motherboard is a Biostar A770E3 with BIOS version 08.00.14

I searched for the drive at the command prompt and it returned: "The device is not ready." But when I use the "list disk" command, the drive shows up on diskpart.

Edit: I selected the drive in diskpart, used the "clean all" command, created a primary partition, then formatted the drive from another hdd's OS, and that fixed the problem. Just updating in case this can help anyone else out there.
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  1. Not certain but Win7 may want to see the drive with no partition.
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