Dual Vid Cards-->Workstation+Gaming GPUs<--on same PC?

Classically professional CAD designers, whom also game on the same rig, have had to choose between Workstation & Gaming cards for builds.
I game and do CAD work.
Currently I have gotten by using NVidia gaming gpus as they are the only gaming vid card architecture that also can handle CAD programs ( minus all eye candy in said programs). ATI gaming gpus even 2 in crossfire just doesn't run CAD.

Ok, my question comes from what I've heard about but have not been able to verify:

LucidLogix can run multiple cards of any type on certain mobos with their "universal GPU virtualization."
You can mix and match brands and models. :o
Does this also work for a work station GPU & Gaming GPU combined on same motherboard?

Is there any way to have a workstation vid card and gaming vid card in the same system?

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  1. For example:
    1x gtx480
    1x quadro
  2. The roughest solution I know of is having both cards....when I need CAD pop in the Quadro and install it's drivers.....then if I want to game...take out quadro, add GTX, uninstall Quadro driver and then install GTX driver.

    This day and age has got to have a better all in one solution.
  3. I am also very curious about solutions for this. JdotH, were you able to find an answer?
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