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I'm looking for some suggestions on how to setup my home network with best/optimal speeds as possible. I just build a new pc and I thought this might also be a good time to optimize my network setup :D

Some info on my house layout. We have DSL and there's only one phone jack upstairs (mom's bedroom) and since all of the desktop computers are upstairs, the dsl modem and router are also upstairs. My mom's room is on one side of the house while my room is on the exact oposite side of the house, so it's also safe to say that computers in my room are the farthest away from the router.

Current network setup. DSL modem and main router in my mom's room. I have a powerline network setup from her room to mine, then I have a wireless router acting as a hub (DHCP turned off) in my room. The idea is that the main router would provide strong wireless signal to the left side of the house while the router in my room would provide strong wireless to the right side plus the wired ethernet connection for my pc and ps3.

But the problem with this setup is that the powerline is very unstable. It gets to the point that the powerline connection now 90% disconnected. I'm blaming this mostly I guess with the old wiring system (house is pretty old) or maybe the large appliances and rooms in between.

I was wondering if you guys have some suggestions. Basically I'm looking to add a strong wireless access point and a wired hub access over to the far end of the house.

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  1. I would definitely leave Powerline adapters out of the plan. Good when they work but, generally, far less reliable than wireless.
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